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Manage Diabetes With This Easy Trick!

For those living with diabetes or have been identified as pre-diabetic, managing this condition is trickier than we thought. What’s more, today’s busy world makes managing our diet and eating habits even more difficult. Thankfully, Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) are around to help provide balanced nutrition conveniently, whenever we need them.


According to Foong Pui Hing, the Principal Dietitian from the Dietetics & Food Services Department, Institut Jantung Negara (IJN), we found out that ONS helps people living with diabetes in two important ways;

       1. As a meal replacement – For frequent meal skippers, ONS helps by providing the essential nutrition to cover for their meals.


       2. As a meal supplement – For those having poor appetite after recovering from illness and surgery, ONS can be taken two to three times daily between regular meals to improve nutritional intake until they’re able to eat regular food sufficiently.[1]


Foong also noted that even with insulin shots, blood glucose can rise above the normal ranges if carbohydrates are taken excessively during your meals; adding that it is best for people with diabetes to schedule their carbohydrate intake with a proper meal plan to have better control over blood glucose level.


Controlling blood glucose level doesn’t just help those with diabetes manage their condition, it also reduces risks of developing other complications such as heart diseases, kidney failure and glaucoma. What’s more, it keeps them energized and improves their overall quality-of life.[2]


One of the best way to keep blood glucose in check is by replacing one or two meals daily with a meal replacement designed for people living with diabetes. Here are two examples using NUTREN® GLUCOBALANCE™;

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Formulated for people living with diabetes, NUTREN® GLUCOBALANCE™ helps provide a quick and complete meal in just one glass. It’s with low GI, unique low glycemic fibre blend and good quality whey protein helps manage blood sugar levels and controls hunger pangs.


Always consult to your healthcare professional or dietitians to know the best way to incorporate ONS into your meal plan. Take charge of diabetes today.

[1] Stratton RJ & Elia M (2007). A review of reviews: A new look at the evidence for oral nutritional supplements in clinical practice, Clinical Nutrition Supplements Vol. 2, Issue 1, pp 5–23.


[2] Ministry of Health (2015). Clinical Practice Guidelines Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 5th Edition, website: http://www.moh.gov.my (accessed on 2/12/2017).