About GlucoSmart

Your Meal Companion for Better Control
Introducing Nutren GlucoSmart - with Mulberry Leaf Extract Introducing Nutren GlucoSmart - with Mulberry Leaf Extract
Nutren® GlucoSmart
is your meal companion for better control. It contains mulberry leaf extract, traditionally known for its intrinsic benefits. Simply mix it with a meal and enjoy its natural benefits without altering the taste of food.
Soluble Corn Fibre, Mulberry Leaf Extract (15%), Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin D.
Average Composition Per 100g Per Serving 2g
Energy kcal 212 4
Fat g 0.0 0.0
Protein g 3.2 0.1
Carbohydrate g 8.8 0.2
Total Sugars g 5.0 0.1
Dietary Fibre g 82.0 1.6
Sodium mg 50 1
Calcium mg 300 6
Vitamin D μg 20.0 0.4
Sprinkle the sachet content and mix into your food before eating (rice, noodles, sandwich, soups).
Why Choose Nutren® GlucoSmart?
Contains proprietary
mulberry leaf extract1
• Easy to use; by just sprinkling on food before consumption1
• Comes in 2g sachet1 which offers convenience when eating at home or dining out
Trusted Pioneered by Nestlé Health Science, with trusted quality1
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